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Our story started many years ago, in 1968, in Sivas city of Turkiye. Sivas is known for its long musical history, where the best Turkish folk musicians and bards born, live and leave their marks on this earth. You can call it the New Orleans of Turkey.

When first founded by Mehmet Sarıkaya, his atelier was named Sivas Saz Elleri and it was a small, local workshop. There, Master Mehmet was expertised only in making saz. But his son, Hasan Hüseyin had thought that his father’s heritage of good musical instrument craftsmanship should reach out to more people, which was a big demand in Turkish music industry. All music lovers deserve the highest quality instruments, so they can enjoy music more, and find their perfect tune, he told to his father.

With this idea, in 1980, he opened up a shop in an another part of the city to sell other types of Turkish folk instruments along with his father’s sazs. When year 1995 came, Hasan Hüseyin was ready to expand beyond Sivas, so he founded Saz Musical Instruments Co. 

Until that time, their atelier was only able to manufacture saz so they imported other instruments from other ateliers. With this new company, Hasan Hüseyin started to manufacture those instruments in his own atelier as well. 

Spending many successful years in his field and after visiting several international music fairs, he decided to open up to the global market. This was soon after he announced his first e-commerce business,

So now, as Turkish Folk Instruments team, we continue this tradition. We dry our wooden materials over 3 years, work only with master craftsmans who have minimum 10 years experience, and see our customers as our friends which leads to long lasting relationships.

We are enthusiastic for what those next years may bring us.

Join us in this story and be a part of our global Turkish music lovers family!

Learn more about the philosophy behind our high quality instruments.

Our Core Values:

  • People orientedness: Teamwork, friendly relationship with customers.
  • Being "Real": We work with real masters who work for real music lovers.
  • Attentiveness: Quality standards, trusted material suppliers, experienced team behind. (Each team member has minimum 10 years experience in Turkish folk instruments field.)
  • Being open to inovation and new ideas: Designing new models, as well as using new technologies in atelier beside handcrafting. 
  • Creativity: Solution oriented approach for each special customer request. 

Our Mission:

We are here to make music lovers taste the highest quality possible in Turkish music, and find the perfect tune that touches their soul. 

Our Vision:

We choose the best wood and material for each instrument, shape it with mastership and manufacture it in order to meet the highest quality that meets the customer’s request.

That way, we aim to become the one and only trustable brand in the field of Turkish Folk Instruments.