How do you choose your materials?

We are very strict about working with the best and well known suppliers in our industry. Especially when it comes to natural materials like wood or lather, there is no other option than choosing and using the most risk-free option. 

Why drying out wood for at least 3 years is so important?

An instrument should be accurately designed and manufactured to sound good. It takes lots of calculations and extremely careful hand work by instrument making masters. 

But, wood is a material that dries out by years, and while drying it shrinks and changes its shape. If we’d used wood materials that are not completely dry, can you imagine what would happen to our precious instruments? Yes, that would be a disaster. 

Unfortunately, there is no quality standard in Turkish Folk Music industry, so some manufacturers prefer not to wait for 3 years, in order to make instruments fast and cheap. But this is an insult both for music enthusiasts and those precious trees, in our opinion.